Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The God Concept and the Third step

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cent said...

Step 3. Tough concept.

I once overheard a sponsor explain this concept by saying it doesn't matter WHO or WHAT you turn control over to, as long as it is something you yourself have no control over.

I have also heard it described as an active rather than passive extension of step one, where someone is actively placing control of their existence into the domain of another "being" as opposed to simply "accepting" their lives are out of control.

One of the people I worked with actually chose a toaster as his higher power. Of course he was duel diagnosis. :)

Happe, I have some questions for you about the concept of "rock bottom" and when should someone intervene and help a family member who continues to fall. It is something I am currently struggling with in my own life. As an al-anon person and therapist you have a unique insight into this specific area. Maybe it is something you could discuss on your next show, but the finer details are not something I would share in public. What is the best way to contact you?

Unknown said... me at mhappenow. I am at yahoo