Friday, April 18, 2014

Shifting my focus

After 27 years as an addiction counselor and 10 years as a practicing Buddhist I have retired my license and shifting my focus to recovery coaching and mindfulness counseling using Buddhist principles to promote happiness. I help with loosening the grip on attachments and aversion which lead to issues with food, substances, and unhealthy relationships with others and self. I directed one of the first eating disorder units in the country and have expertise in food attachments. I love working with family members who struggle with relationship with a loved one with compulsive attachment to substance or behavior.
If you are in recovery and having difficulty with life on life's terms but don't feel comfortable in group settings I can serve as a recovery coach to help you through issues that can cause relapse. I work with MD's if additional help is needed for issues that benefit from medical intervention.
I have been in recovery for 34 years from food, substance and codependency. The Buddhist principles I use are very basic and compliment Christian thought as well. Additionally I use the medifast program as part of my own food plan. If you desire l addiction counseling I am happy to refer to competent counselors.

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