Thursday, April 24, 2014

What is a Health/Recovery Coach

After 27 years as an addiction counselor and practicing Tibetan Buddhist I am shifting my focus to life and health coaching using basic Buddhist principles to promote happiness.  My focus is loosening the grip on attachments and aversion which lead to issues with, food, substances, and unhealthy relationships with others and self.  I directed one of the first eating disorder units and have expertise in all types of food attachments.  I love working with family members who struggle with detachment of a loved one with compulsive attachment to substance or behavior.  I work with a variety of MD’s who can evaluate the occasional need for medications to help on the path of developing a happy healthy life style.  

Many people have a desire to attain health by being sober from chemicals and by being moderate with food and relationship choices.  I have worked with many clients who had a strong desire to loosen the grip on their attachments but were uncomfortable with 12 step groups.  Many don’t feel comfortable in group settings, some have issues with the spiritual component.  I can coach you on an individual basis once you find your recovery to keep your recovery and promote your health through balance between body, spirit and mind.  The Buddhist principles that I use are very basic and are embraced by those who are non religious, Christians and all other Religious affiliations.  

Relationship health is also very integral to our personal health.  Relationship affords us the opportunity to learn more about who we are as people and it tends to bring our character challenges in to very clear focus.  Codependency as Pia Melody defines it is a lack of healthy relationship with self.  We can utilize the the problems we have in our relationships to learn how to be healthy in our relationship with ourselves and others.  Setting boundaries mutually, communicating directly with compassion and negotiating with each other are skills I coach.    

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