Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Michele Happe MA
November 19, 2014

When you think about it, losing weight is easy.  Once you get up the willingness to let go of your coping mechanism (food), which can actually take quite some time, getting on a food plan for weight loss is the start of some fun.  I recommend weighing monthly at the same time of the month, after morning poop and pee.  If you can stay on your plan it is fun to feel your clothes loosening and the numbers moving on the scale.  Once you have lost the weight the hard part begins.  

First you have to figure out a transition plan.  Take shape for life recommends a very good one because you very methodically add in healthy foods to shape a long term food plan.  This will vary for everyone.  Be prepared to make very few changes to your maintenance food plan because since we are in a very slight fat burn, once you reach a good healthy weight you will slow and often stop weight loss, even on  your previous weight loss plan. Since I am 64 and was once anorexic, my maintenance plan is very similar to my weight loss plan.  Fortunately I am very satisfied with the 5 and 1 with addition of vegetables and some dark chocolate with my brownie at night.  

When you are transitioning it is important to weigh more frequently.  I recommend once per week.  Give your self a few months to be in transition.  If you put on weight, don’t fret, just make adjustments accordingly.  Don’t worry about keeping the number on the scale exactly the same.  If you go up just tighten your food plan to get into fat burn again.  

Once you have figured out your maintenance plan which should include regular moderate exercise and activities to feed your spiritual life, I recommend weighing once per month again.  I give myself one time per month to eat a regular, kind of fancy meal with dessert.  Not all people can do this as it can lead into a  period of binging.  So keep in close touch with your coach as you maneuver the mine field of maintenance.  

The most important element of all of the is your ongoing RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR COACH.  This can be a time of great insecurity and fear.  All of us have gained back the weight we lost so we certainly know how to do that.  If you use your coach and are comfortable committing to the discipline of a healthy life style you are so much more likely to succeed.  If you even want a bigger boost to continued health, become a coach yourself.  Helping others is rewarding and is a commitment in itself.  We have a tendency to isolate and go into shame when we slip up.  Your coach has this tendency to so together we can help each other to succeed.  

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